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Whether youíre planning on working from home full-time or you just want a base at home for searching the web, doing the banking and helping your kids with their homework, a home office is now an important place in most homes.

To help you set up your home office, here youíll find some helpful tips and useful advice about what you need to consider, how to make the most of the space, and what office supplies you will need to make your home office complete.

Before you buy any furniture you need to consider how much space you have, and how much spare space you will need. If you are going to be spending a lot of time in your home office then you donít want it to be too cluttered because it may feel claustrophobic. For those who have a very small home office, you might want to buy a work centre rather than a desk as these generally include space for a PC, monitor, printer, scanner, set of drawers and shelves. Another important consideration is how much paperwork you are going to have lying around because if you are working full-time from home and are probably going to need to invest in a filing cabinet to keep your paperwork tidy and organised.

Other purchases you must make for your home office include a comfortable desk chair, a computer, printer, fax machine, telephone, scanner and if necessary drawers, a bookcase, and shelves. There are many different types of desk chairs to choose from, such as large black leather executive chairs, desk chairs on wheels, and smaller foldaway desk chairs, while the choice of computers and printers can be just as overwhelming. If your work involves a lot of travelling then it may be best to buy a laptop computer or if you are purely office based a standard PC would perhaps be best. Also if you mainly print colour charts, photos and illustrations you may want to invest in a colour laser print, while if you mainly print text documents an inkjet printer may be best.

Once you have got your workstation set up then there are a few accessories you may want to buy to make your home office complete. The main extras youíll need are stationery items, such as paperclips, paper, notepads, Post-it notes, pens, pencil, correction fluid, stapler and staples, files, and a hole-punch. But there are other things you may want to buy to make your home office feel more comfortable, and these include a cushion, foot rest, wrist rest, a visor and a desk lamp to improve posture and visibility while sitting at your desk all day.

You can find all the products you need for your home office at high street furniture stores, internet outlets, high street stationery stores, and specialist office stores.

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